Poster Grunge for Diana App and an ICAD

A photowalk in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and Chinatown with PrairieJill yesterday yielded a lot of great photos. We were happily snapping away shots of poster grunge from the fringe festival and other venues, and not minding the weird looks from the pedestrians walking by…

This collage shows some of the poster grunge shots I took:

poster grunge-2 for blog

My favorite section was definitely this bit which I call “The Boys”:

the boys

I layered some of the photos with the Diana app. The first one has a view from the Chinese gardens layered with “The Boys” poster grunge:


This second one has a view of the Winnipeg Police Headquarters layered with a flower-pot from Air Canada Center gardens on Portage Avenue:


I am still in love with this app!

The other way I used “The Boys” poster grunge was for an ICAD. The prompt for the day was “Tomorrowland” which may or may not refer to Disneyworld(ie Space Mountain) or a huge music festival in Belguim..but to me it meant futuristic and mysterious. I wanted to try to go very abstract with this ICAD. So, I printed “The Boys” out once on silk and again on paper and collaged them onto a yellow/blue gelatin monoprint. I layered on some netting and organza and loosely stitched everything down:

icad 33

I quite like this abstract and hope to use more of the grunge for future ICADs. For more about ICADs check Tammy’s link here.



3 thoughts on “Poster Grunge for Diana App and an ICAD

  1. Wow. Awesome post. So much good stuff in here. I love your collage of the poster grunge (I so need to learn to make collages like this!) And I love what you did with “The Boys”, both in the layered image and the ICAD. Fabulous work! (It was worth the strange looks we got while we were out shooting!


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