ZIZO #27 Trees and Seeds

We had some sun so I took advantage of it and snapped some views through our poplar and elm trees:

elm seeds for collage

I love the green lens flare in the zoom out(top): I was just reading an article about how to get rid of lens flare….my view is why would any one want to do that???

I love the blurry background in the middle zoom.

For the bottom zoom-in I used a digital crop of the middle photo- I was amazed at how transparent the elm seeds are. We literally get billions of elm seeds from our 1 tree and I always hated them since they sprout everywhere…but seeing how pretty they look with the light shining through, I am now kinda fond of them!!

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO meme here.




5 thoughts on “ZIZO #27 Trees and Seeds

  1. lovely light and I agree with wondering why people want to remove flair – I saw a tutorial recently on how to add it using photoshop!


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