WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv at The Ex

The theme of this week’s challenge is “Roy G. Biv” or Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

Again, perfect timing for me since I was just at the once yearly Red River Exhibition in Winnipeg: rainbows of colour everywhere you look.

I am including 2 photos this week since I couldn’t just stop at 1.

The first is the colourful stands that have every colour of the rainbow:

rainbow 2

And the second is of people on one of the Midway rides. Here the colorful sneakers and laces make up most of the rainbow colours, and the rest can be found in the t-shirts and shorts. Click on the photo below to enlarge it(twice!) and see how many colours you can find in the sneakers and laces:


Have you ever seen a happier face than on the girl on the far right?

Photos taken with my new Sony A6000 camera with no editing other than cropping.

Linking to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge here.


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