Love of Leaves Done!!

After so many months of avoidance,  I sat down outside on our deck to enjoy the lovely summer/fall weather and finished stitching my leaf.

There was some confusion as to what this leaf is…..but I now think it is Acer Negundo…also known as box elder or  Manitoba Maple….No wonder I was confused until I came across a website that actually listed all its common names. But that leaf usually only has 3-7 leaflets…so I am not completely convinced!!

UPDATE: I am now convinced it ISN’T Acer Negundo…these trees don’t have this many leaflets. I am completely stumped.

So here is the finished leaf…you can see that I started adding more colours as I worked on it. Since it is basically autumn in Winnipeg I figured I would add some autumn colours to it too. A few missed stitches, but overall I like it:

finished leaf

Next step is what to do with it. I am auditioning various fabrics with the thought of making it into a journal cover:

with fabrics

I like the top green one best I think…the yellow is too bright and the red one has too much blue in it.  Maybe a different red would work. The bottom green one is too subtle(ie boring) I think.

I enjoyed doing this….I think I will start on another!!

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4 thoughts on “Love of Leaves Done!!

  1. I really like the way the angles of the leaves change gradually – so nice – it has movement. Now I want to figure out what that leaf is too. : ) Thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful!


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