Mobile Monday: Android Style

PrairieJill started a Mobile Monday meme and a few others have joined in. However all of them are using iPhones and I can’t use most of their apps(though some iPhone apps do have equivalent ones for android). So I started looking for alternatives that are designed for android!

Miriam had posted photos created with the Circular app about 3 weeks ago…and it wasn’t till recently that I found an android app that works!!

These photos were manipulated in the Globe Photo App, available for free on the Google play apps page here.

The first 2 are views of a bridge in Selkirk, Manitoba and the third photo is a parking lot across from the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba.




A fun app to play with..but not one that works with alot of photos. The edges where the photo joins together have to be reasonably matchy-matchy, though the mis-matched blue tent in the top photo works for me!!

There is a “COOL” response when the photos are rendered but I also think the novelty factor will wear off quickly…at least for me anyways…but I will keep playing when I see good candidate photos!

Starting next week, I think that each time the Mobile Monday meme gets posted I will look for an equivalent android app….Wish me luck!!


5 thoughts on “Mobile Monday: Android Style

  1. Glad to see that you found an Android app to make this effect. It is fun, isn’t it? But I agree with you about the novelty probably wearing off pretty quickly.
    Thanks for joining in on Mobile Monday.


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