Summer of Color 2014 Week 6

What a surprise…another pincushion! The SOC participant wasn’t crazy about last week’s blue and red one so she has 1 more chance with this one!!  With this week’s color palette I easily found my focal point fabric (yellow and tangerine poppy) and went from there.

This is the color palette:


And this is my pincushion:



To find out more about Kristin’s Summer of Colour, check here.

This is the last week…looking forward to 2015 already!

19 thoughts on “Summer of Color 2014 Week 6

  1. LOVE this pincushion! The others are beautiful, but this one is absolutely stunning. I didn’t realize I was participating in so many of the same challenges as you – adding you to my blog reader!


  2. STUNNING pin cushion, love your choice of colours and how you have hand stitched the flowers to highlight them. I need to make myself a pin cushion, thank you for such fantastic inspiration these last few weeks. Have enjoyed visiting your blog 🙂 xxx


  3. On my blog you left a comment about not knowing how to do digital art yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to learn, but if you are interested, I just left an addendum to my final S.O.C. post about a great deal on Photoshop. And if you need help, I can help you. (I was an art teacher and continue to teach any chance I get.)


  4. Love your pin cushions. They would be great designs as regular throw pillows, too. Great use of S.O.C. scheme for this week.

    Hop on over to see my final S.O.C. post.


  5. Oh, goodness, I forgot all about SOC this week! Glad you reminded me. I love all of your pincushions, but I think this one is my favourite. Gorgeous colours and fabrics, and I really like the little flower stitches.
    And now, I’m off to do today’s ICAD and start thinking about SOC!


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