ZIZO #29 SuperMoon

Okay….about 6 steps closer to figuring out to get a good picture of the moon(without buying a telescopic lens!). Everything in manual mode:

1. set ISO to 100 or 200

2. use manual focus

3. set aperture to F16

4. set shutter to about 1/125

5. use tripod

6. wear my glasses to focus

Unfortunately I learnt this AFTER the moon had risen from the horizon..

But I did get some shots from my front driveway when the moon was up at about 25-30 degrees. The top view is the zoom out and the bottom is a digital zoom in:

week 29 the moon collage

A bit blurry but the lighting and exposure seems pretty good to me.

I learnt a few more tricks too late:

1. use the live view to focus on the moon rather than just the tiny viewfinder. Much bigger view

2. use a timer to set off the picture rather than manual shutter release(to reduce camera shake)

3. play around with bracketing for shutter speed

4. play around with slight changes in focus

5. figure out how to set ISO 100 on my camera

Now…when is the next full moon on a clear night???

Linking to Helena’s ZIZO meme here.



6 thoughts on “ZIZO #29 SuperMoon

  1. Stunning pictures of the moon Marsha. I never thought of writing down the steps as I seem to get the hang of it and then by the time the next moon picture is wanted I’ve forgotten again! I use my shutter release cable to move right away from the tripod & prevent camera shake.


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