A Lovely Day at The Forks and Scavenger Hunt Items Galore!

I had a lovely day at the Forks today, meeting a fellow Manitoba blogger for the first time. We walked for about 90 minutes around the Forks, over the pedestrian bridge to St. Boniface, and back. We both took lots of photos, and I got 4 for the scavenger hunt……

In addition, while waiting for my bus transfer to get to the Forks, I had added 2 items for the hunt. Plus 1 on my way home, walking from the bus stop… so 7 for the day!!

I managed to nab numbers 2,3,8,18 and 19 plus the 2 bonuses.

The first 2 are numbers 2 and 3, the Centennial Concert Hall and Winnipeg City Hall(I love the details and lines of these buildings)

number 2

number 3

This next photo is of the Forks Market Tower(number 8): it is 6 storeys high and has a viewing platform near the top.
number 8

We spotted a fisherman(number 19) down by the river…I had originally taken a photo from behind him(up the riverbank), but I liked this view much better:

number 19Also at the Forks was a sundial(bonus item #2):

bonus 2Luckily there was a plaque describing how it works, and giving a bit of history:

bonus 2 plaqueVery fascinating. I would never have known about this if it weren’t for this scavenger hunt! Interesting…but also confusing since there is another place in the Forks that is supposed to be a sundial too(the Oodena Celebration Circle) so I may need to get a photo of that too. I will have to research this further and find out what is what…

I was also able to snap bonus #1, the RCMP(a person wearing an item of clothing symbolizing Canada). They were part of an opening ceremony for National Aboriginal Day being held at the Forks today:

bonus 1Lastly, is number 18, my local coffee shop, a lovely place to sit outside and enjoy the sun. My husband loves this place…it gives him a view of Henderson Highway and all the exotic cars and motorcycles that drive by:

number 18I love it because they can make me hot chocolate with soy milk, they will make it extra extra hot(I hate lukewarm hot chocolate!!) and because often they have crushed peppermint candies to sprinkle on top.

A very nice day…..I feel like I have been walking all day: 1 hour walk with Stewie, 20 minute walk to the bus, 90 minutes at The Forks, 10 minutes to the bus home, 25 minutes walking home from the bus(coffee shop) plus 1 last walk with Stewie tonight(40 minutes). No wonder I am tired…

8 thoughts on “A Lovely Day at The Forks and Scavenger Hunt Items Galore!

  1. Hi Marsha….thanks for stopping by my blog….love your scavenger hunt finds…and how lovely to have spent some time with another blogger!
    Alison xx


  2. It definitely was a lovely day! It was so nice to meet you in real life, and I loved being part of your scavenger hunt.You got some great shots! I particularly love the fisherman and the Mounties.


    • I have been doing some research on the Oodena Circle at the Forks.It seems like it is for viewing constellations and solstices etc. I definitely want to go and get more pictures of it. Maybe someone will be there who knows more about it. It is also a sundial….


  3. What a great bunch of finds! I love that sun dial – so interesting, and it’s great to see the civic buildings in Winnipeg. I don’t think I’ve had someone from there participate before.


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