More scavenger hunt items

I managed to find photos for 5 more of the scavenger hunt items and posted them on my Flickr page(see sidebar).

No problem finding # 6, someone or something taking a nap(Stewie of course).

number 6

Number 15, a fire truck or police car was also easy since there is a fire station just a few blocks away- the day I went to get the photo all the vehicles and firemen/paramedics were outside in the lot. Number 14, something made of stained glass or mosaic I spotted on the wall of a house just past the fire station. Surprisingly easy,  number 16, a windmill was a garden ornament in a yard just houses away from where I live(and I thought it would be a toughie!).

Number 9 was interesting…..a photo with someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn’t belong. For this, I found 2 examples in Bunn’s Creek Park, just a few feet away from each other. These are the 2 photos:

number 9 number 9 version 2The top one is a trapdoor in the ground(leading to where????- I kept thinking Alice in Wonderland) and the second one is obviously the wrong season……

Tomorrow I am off to get #3, 8,19 and hopefully a bonus sundial.

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