Winnipeg Art Gallery: Weekend Reflections and Weekend in Black and White

One of my favorite spots in the Winnipeg Art Gallery for taking reflection shots:


Photo taken with my cell phone with the Lenka app. Lots of banding in this photo because the app doesn’t save high resolution photos(especially around the ceiling lights)…I guess I need to find a better black and white camera app for Android.

Linking to Weekend Reflections here.


Linking to the Weekend in Black and White here.


12 thoughts on “Winnipeg Art Gallery: Weekend Reflections and Weekend in Black and White

  1. I understand there are situations in which you want to photograph a scene exactly as you see it in front of you; and I don’t know what ‘banding’ is, so that’s probably relevant too. However . . . when I looked at this picture I immediately warmed to it. Of the black and white photos I’ve seen this weekend, this is my favourite.
    I once bought a phone for use as a camera but took it back to the shop because it wasn’t sufficiently precise in colour etc. – and later very much regretted it because I haven’t managed to re-create without effort such interesting ‘effects’ with the ‘real’ camera I use now instead.


  2. Thanks for the tip on Lenka. I was wondering why there was water on the floor inside a gallery – but I guess I should instead have been impressed by the cleaning staff!


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