onephotofocus for September 2016

I came across an interesting photo challenge through blogs involved in the One Four Challenge and joined up. It is just once a month so I thought I could handle that! Ha!….I have missed most all of 2016’s challenges till now!

Basically Stacy at sends everyone who signs up for the challenge the same photo and everyone edits it however they wish. Hence the name of the challenge: OnePhotoFocus! You can read about it here.

This month’s photo was by Stacy Fischer:

September 2016 One Photo Focus for blog

A cool photo to work with!!

I did very little editing with this photo. I just used the Hipstamatic app on my iPad and chose a combination of filters/presets that made the photo look aged and emphasized the fabulous wooden masts on the ship. The Hipstamatic settings were: Tejas lens, Sussex Film, Triple Crown flash and minor modifications with exposure, clarity, highlights and shadows, vibrancy, texture and vignette. So my edited version is here:

ship september


I am very curious as to what the other participants did..but I won’t know till this post is published and linked to Stacy’s post…so we will all be surprised at the same time! Check out the results here.


8 thoughts on “onephotofocus for September 2016

  1. You might have done very little editing but they were all great choices. I love the feeling up the image as well as the texture that has been added.


  2. hi – I only started the challenge earlier this year too – so welcome aboard’
    and I like what you did with your edits – there is a sense of backlight in the sky and I also liked the patina feel – 😉


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