Snap: Hipstamatic Silhouettes at the WAG

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set. And yeah…4 photos this week to follow the rules!

The Winnipeg Art Gallery offers free Art for Lunch twice a month….talks, videos or tours of current exhibits. Last Wednesday, a curator at the WAG led a tour of the exhibit Abstract Objectives: Painting and Sculptures 1950-Present.  It was an excellent tour.  And after the tour I went through the Olympus exhibit again!

I have a love-hate relationship with the Hipstamatic app…….this past week it has been on the “love” side, so this week’s Snap is 4 photos taken with(or edited with) the Hipstamatic app. All show silhouettes of people, to some degree. The lens, film and flash(if used) are listed above each photo in red type for the curious!

The curator(on the right) explaining one of the paintings to a tour participant:

Yur1 61, Uchitel 20 and Laser Lemon Gel

File 2016-03-08, 9 07 29 PM

The educational coordinator tidying up after the tour:

Lucifer VI, Big Easy and Jolly Rainbow 2X

File 2016-03-08, 9 05 38 PM

2 young women taking photos in the Abstract Objective exhibit after the tour:

Tinto 1884 and Daydream

File 2016-03-08, 9 06 48 PM

A group of school kids trooping through the Olympus exhibit:

Tinto 1884 and Blanko일

File 2016-03-08, 9 06 31 PM

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8 thoughts on “Snap: Hipstamatic Silhouettes at the WAG

  1. I’m glad to see these, as I’d almost forgotten about Hipstamatic. I never could get the filters to work the way I wanted them too. Thanks for including how you edited these. I really like the second one, in particular.


  2. A very interesting Snap study. Not sure which one I like best. I like the colours in tidying up but for some reason the first photo intrigues me to want to tell a story …


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