One Four Challenge for November week 3- Oak Hammock Marsh

Another month for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

And another photo from Oak Hammock Marsh!! There were just a few hikers on the many walking trails and these 2 passed us while I was photographing some cat-tails and assorted details in the marsh. The colour is a bit washed out but overall I like the photo..with the tall grasses on the left and the curved path on the right…..and the vast marsh in the background.

For week 3 I played around a lot in Lightroom….and decided to go bright and bold…using a Stuck in Customs HDR Preset called “Potent Extreme”. However, it was just a bit too potent for me, so I notched down the vibrance a few steps:

HDR sic Potent Extreme decreased vibrance

It is amazing how washed out the original photo looks when compared to this HDR preset…

A gallery of current and past edits:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Linking to One Four Challenge week 3 November here.

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