onephotofocus for September

I came across an interesting photo challenge through blogs involved in the One Four Challenge and joined up. You can read about it here. Basically, Stacy at sends everyone who signs up for the challenge the same photo and everyone edits it however they wish. Hence the name of the challenge: OnePhotoFocus!

The September photo that Stacy sent us was originally taken by Benjamin Rowe:

OnePhoto Focus Ben Pendennis Castle for blog

I love old castles…and looked forward to playing around with this photo. I originally thought I would crop the castle tighter, but then I realized that the negative space was perfect for adding layers of textures and atmosphere, so I worked with an uncropped version.

I did all my editing on my iPad using 2 different apps. First step, I added 8 layers(textures and filters) with a new-to-me app called Filterloop. These layers gave the photo an old, greyish and drab appearance. I then edited the photo more in Formulas App and applied the Salvaged formula: the photo now became more textured and even older looking but less grey and less drab. I love the greenish undertones: almost tin-type but without the blur! Perfect I thought for an old castle!

So my edit for September :

castle for blog

Both of these apps can be found on the App store for iPad or iPhone.

As usual, I am very curious as to what the other participants did..but I won’t know till this post is published and linked to Stacy’s post…so we will all be surprised at the same time! Check out the results here.

The more that I look at the photo of this castle, the more I think I was actually at this castle…something about the benches along the cliff. I will have to go back to my old old photos(like mid 1970s) and check with my mom!

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