Weekend Reflections: Sunset

A gorgeous sunset reflected in the skating rink in Bunn’s Creek Park. Linking to Weekend Reflections here.

Weekend Reflections- Sunglasses

A clichĂ©d reflection but one I always wanted to get…and I hadn’t been able to get a good one till last week. The guide for our photo-walk at the zoo was wearing these nifty glasses…so I snapped a photo. I am in the bottom corner on the left side. Linking to Weekend Reflections here.

Pairs: SunStars

I took this photo a few months ago. The intended subject matter was the sunstar on the left…not realizing at the time that this was a reflection(in the building window) of the real sunstar on the right! 2 sunstars(aka a pair of sunstars!) in the same photo: Love the f/22 aperture! Please ignore the sensor […]