Snap and Weekend Reflections: Polar Bears

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set.

Two of the Assiniboine Park Polar Bears(Hudson and Humphrey) are heading back to the Toronto Zoo where they had been born. They will really be missed by Winnipeggers who love them!!!

For 10 days before they departed the zoo, there were special programs for the public to come and visit with them. On the day I was at the zoo, there was a special feeding program…with super photo-ops!

Lots of people came to say goodbye to the bears:


I love the reflections on the viewing window! And since this first photo is a reflection, I will link this post to Weekend Reflections on Friday here.

Humphrey(who came to the zoo in March 2015) was the first to make an appearance:


He spotted his treat(a squash) in the pool of water and pulled it out:


Next up was Hudson(who came to the zoo in 2013):


He really enjoyed his squash:


There will still be 7 polar bears at the zoo(all of them rescue polar bears) and with the departure of Hudson and Humphrey, room for 2 more bears when a rescue operation is required.

Blizzard(who was a rescue polar bear and at the zoo from 2014) is one of the remaining 7 bears and is a crowd favorite. Here he is eyeing a red squirrel that popped into the enclosure to steal some of the treats:


And yes, the squirrel was successful!! 

Linking to Helena’s “Snap” meme here  



14 thoughts on “Snap and Weekend Reflections: Polar Bears

  1. My first visit to the zoo was the day they announced that Hudson and Humphrey were returning to Toronto. I was so glad to finally get to see them (the Toronto zoo is too far away and too expensive for me)
    Nice pics!


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