Wild Bird Wednesday and SNAP: Egrets

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set.

Last Wednesday I had heard through the bird spotting rumor mill that there were a few Great Egrets at Oak Hammock Marsh. My mother was going up there the next day so I told her to look for them…and I think she spotted 3 of them. I was hoping to get up to the marsh on the weekend…and I did make it up there on Sunday afternoon. And lo and behold the egrets were still there….I think I spotted 7 or 8 of them!! 

Needless to say I took lots of photos, but with only a 210 mm lens, I couldn’t get really good close-ups, but to me, a less than perfect photo is better than none. I whittled my photos down to 5 for this blog post.

Two egrets standing on top of the muskrat lodges…to get a better view I guess:


Posing nicely for the camera, in one spot of open water:oak-hammock-1-of-8

Another egret in a different part of the marsh…this time with a nice reflection:


A pair of egrets starting to fly off to another part of the marsh:

oak-hammock-2-of-8The pair of egrets in full flight:


A wonderful sight!! 

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10 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday and SNAP: Egrets

  1. Love the ones of them in flight! They are such beautiful birds. I was surprised to see one the other day in the Genesee River as I was walking over the pedestrian bridge to class. I think of them as beach birds since we see so many of them in the south.


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