Snap, Weekend Reflections and Monday Murals: Puddles!

A triple purpose post today…for SNAP on Wednesday, Weekend Reflections on Friday and Monday Murals on Monday!

A lovely walk through the Exchange District and downtown Winnipeg yesterday afternoon with a friend yielded tons of puddles reflections. 

A back lane(side story: a security guard came out to check on us to see if we were okay(ie what were we doing hanging around the back lane?) and made sure we were not playing Pokemon Go):

puddles (1 of 4)

A parking lot puddle with a mural…and a mop…and a shadow of a pair of sneakers on hydro wires:

puddles (3 of 4)

This photo just shows a very small part of the mural. To see all of the mural, the backstory of the mural, plus information on the 4 artists, please check here.

Another parking lot puddle(oops..the focus is on the puddle not the actual building!):

puddles (2 of 4)

And a crane(or 2) in a wind-blown puddle to make a wonky reflection:

puddles (4 of 4)

All photos taken with my Samsung cell phone and edited in Lightroom with an HDR 1-click preset from Matt Kloskowski.

Linking to SNAP here.

Linking to Weekend Reflections here.

Linking to Monday Murals here.



26 thoughts on “Snap, Weekend Reflections and Monday Murals: Puddles!

  1. Those are some amazing reflections – and a wonderful collection for SNAP. I’ve just started to learn Lightroom and have not even touched actions etc. So it still sounds magical to me 🙂


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