Snap: iPad App Pikazo

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set. 

A week or so ago, I downloaded a new app for my iPad called “Pikazo”.  According to the developers of this styling app: “We are not just adjusting the source image…we’re literally using a simulation of the human visual cortex to reimagine the image in the target style”.

So far there are only a few styles included with the app..including Picasso and Van Gogh, but you can also upload your own style or even just a second photo that you want to blend with the first one. 

Some of the art created by the app was okay…some were less successful!

Each collage below shows my photo on the left(or top) and the “artistic version” on the right(or bottom) with 4 of the styles in the app used:

This is the first one I tried, Stewie of course:


I quite liked this so I was encouraged to try some more.

Hubby and I at the beach:

at the beach

Sort-of okay…if you don’t mind green faces!

Next one was of a storm on the Prairies:


Epic fail in my opinion!

And lastly, 2 goslings:


Kinda interesting I guess! Van Gogh goslings!!

I think it will take a lot of playing to get consistent results to get a photo that matches the style well. I am not sure, but I believe there are more controls with the iPhone or Android version that lets the opacity/strength of the edit be adjusted. And I just now discovered that you can buy extra packs of styles etc… but I can’t figure out how to do so with my iPad version. It takes the app about 10 minutes to re-create each photo so a lot of patience is required. But it is fun!

If you want to see more examples check the hashtag #pikazo on Instagram!

Linking to Helena’s “Snap” meme here  




8 thoughts on “Snap: iPad App Pikazo

  1. Van Goghslings!! hee-hee. Love these. I played with that app a bit, too, and agree with you – the results are kind of mixed. Didn’t know about the additional packs, though. Hmm…. temptation!


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