Snap: Orchids

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set. As is usual for me, I exceeded the 4 photo guideline!

The Manitoba Orchid society held their annual show and sale last week at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. I had been to the show a few years ago and took TONS of photos with a “real” camera, so this year I decided to go with just my iPad, cell phone and an inexpensive($15) macro lens converter. To see how high-tech this macro lens is, click here.

The iPad shots were not very exciting, so I switched to using the macro lens on my cell phone. To use the macro lens you have to get VERY close to the subject matter. But with the expensive orchids, I was afraid to get too close to them in case I touched them and/or knocked them over(yikes…I can’t imagine the hysterics!! And deservedly so!!).

So I mostly got out-of-focus, abstracty shots:

Click on any photo below to start a slide show!

I think I have to play with this lens more often!

Linking to Helena’s “Snap” meme here  



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