Snap: Fire Escapes

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set.

According to Tourism Winnipeg: Winnipeg’s Exchange District is home to North America’s finest collection of brick and mortar buildings. The whole 20-block area is a National Historic Site, featuring an impressive display of architecture – including around 150 heritage buildings — which was founded when Winnipeg was booming and considered the Chicago of the North from the 1880s into World War I.

One of the coolest features of the buildings in the Exchange District are the metal fire-escapes:


Linking to Helena’s “Snap” meme here  




10 thoughts on “Snap: Fire Escapes

  1. Great snaps! My hubby likes to capture photos like these when we’re traveling – I’ll be taking pictures of a park or monument and I’ll see that he’s wandered off to an alley or side building.


  2. Very interesting capture for Snap. I bet those fire escape stairs have a few tales to tell & not all to do with escaping fire – I bet there are stories of escaping/running away; escaping to meet & maybe even tales of just escaping the noise & heat during the summer. Glad these old buildings are being protected.


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