Weekend Reflections: Failed Frozen Bubbles

It was way colder than -10 degrees the other day…so I thought I would play with frozen soap bubbles again. Unfortunately it was too windy and none of the bubbles froze before they got blown to smithereens!

But I did manage to get a photo of a not-yet frozen bubble. The bubble settled on the railing on my back deck. I had the camera set on manual focus, on a tripod and I snapped one shot. No chance for a second photo since the wind blew the bubble apart seconds later .

The photo looked bland on the computer when I imported it to Lightroom…but a few adjustment buttons later a reflection emerged! A selfie of sorts! Me in my bulky red parka looking into the camera, my house with a prominent grey hydro meter, my backyard with some trees(and shadows of trees) and the sky with a sun star:

soap bubble

Maybe the weather will co-operate this Sunday so I can try again. Hope for cold and no wind!!

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