Snap: Festival du Voyageur Fashion Show

2016…and time for a new meme from Helena. This year it is “Snap”: between 2 and 4 photos that create a visual set. As is usual for me, I exceeded the 4 photo guideline!

Festival du Voyageur…a unique winter festival held each year in Winnipeg. Its vision is to “Promote discovery of the rich history of the voyageur era and the vitality of French language and culture in Manitoba”. 

From the beginning of the fur trade in the 1680s until the late 1870s, the voyageurs were the blue-collar workers of the Montreal fur trade…..Voyageurs were the crews hired to man the canoes that carried trade goods and supplies to trading locations where they were exchanged for furs(Wikipedia).

One event in this festival is a fashion show…held outdoors on the frozen river! Most of the outfits have a Voyageur twist(furs and bright red wool scarves/belts))…combined with modern-day styles and makeup(gold face paint!). I was lucky enough to have nabbed a great spot for photographing the models as they exited the prep tent onto the “runway”. The official event photographers were busy snapping away and sometimes blocked my view…but that is next week’s Snap! Keep in mind that it was very chilly and windy but the models were brave and strutted their stuff:

Click on any photo above to start a slide show!

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6 thoughts on “Snap: Festival du Voyageur Fashion Show

  1. I like the brightness of the red background & yes brave of the models to strut their stuff in the outdoors. Interesting facts about the fur traders, our Canadian history is so rich with tales. I am surprised that there weren’t protesters there over the furs being displayed/worn.


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