WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering of Cormorants

A real no-brainer for this week’s WordPress challenge: “Gathering”. I immediately thought of my cormorant shots from this past August.

A whole bunch of them had gathered in a yard on a dead tree, by a retention pond, a few miles from where I live. I spotted them while we were driving past(hubby thought they were just a bunch of crows…Hah!!)….As soon as we got home, I grabbed my camera, a rain jacket and I jumped on my bicycle and hurried back there, hoping that the cormorants would still be gathered there…. And they were!

The view from across the pond:

gathering 3

Unfortunately the cloudy day made for very boring skies in the zoomed in(and cropped) shots. And I did get a little bit of rain..but it didn’t dampen my delight.

I took a lot of zoom in shots, as the birds kept flying in and flying out, though some birds never moved during the whole shoot. I will only post 2 here…since you can get the drift of the cormorant dynamics well with these examples:

“Total indifference” in the first shot:

(click twice to enlarge the photos)

gathering 2

And “get out of my space” in this shot for the 2 birds affected by the in-coming cormorant (and total indifference for the un-affected birds):


Quite the GATHERING!!! I can’t imagine how the home-owners felt about having these birds in their yard…but I know I would have been in photography heaven if it had been my yard.

Linking to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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