Pairs: Christmas Stockings

A friend of mine asked if I could make a Christmas stocking for her newborn…and also one for her nephew. A great reason to get back to some sewing(it has been a long….long while)!

I gathered up all the supplies, including a batch of Christmas fabric I ordered from Etsy. The BEFORE sewing photo:

stockings before

Cute fabric isn’t it!!!

A few(ie many) hours later….2 completed Christmas stockings with applique letters for their initials…. The AFTER photo:

stockings after

So, a pair with before and after and also a pair of stockings! A bit wrinkly but that won’t matter to the kids when they find them stuffed with goodies!

And as a bonus, a link to my favorite Christmas Carol…Carol of the Bells performed by The Piano Guys. And no, you aren’t going crazy: it is a cello and not a piano despite the name of the group!



I love not only the music….but also the photography(especially all the bokeh).

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here 


8 thoughts on “Pairs: Christmas Stockings

  1. Both of my children were gifted with handmade stockings when they were born. They used them until they no longer hung stockings at our house.


  2. I love those stockings Marsha! Great job! I also love The Piano Guys! Did you see them when they were here a few weeks ago? I had a chance to meet them at Church but couldn’t make it! :o( So disappointed. Still miss you so much but have started working with my very soon to be new boss from Lethbridge who is totally awesome!!!! Lucky girl I am!


  3. Gorgeous Pair of Christmas stockings – what a lucky pair of children & lucky friend that you are SO handy with sewing.

    PS – oh yes the live reindeer were quite a treat, beautifully groomed.


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