WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio with Stewie

The theme of this week’s challenge is “Trio”. It is supposed to be a trio in one photo…but I am stretching the rules(ie cheating) and submitting a trio of Stewie photos instead. Any excuse to be able post Stewie photos!!!

I just happened to be playing with the latest version of the Hipstamatic app today, taking photos of Stewie in the freshly fallen snow. Below are my “trio” of photos taken with this app(on my iPad). I used the random shuffle everything option…so Hipstamatic chose all the options.

Lucifer VI lens and Telegraph film:

Photo 2015-11-20, 3 57 31 PM


Jimmy Lens, Kodot XGrizzled Film and Jolly Rainbo 2X:

Photo 2015-11-20, 4 07 11 PM


Jack London Lens and Sugar Film:

Photo 2015-11-20, 4 07 55 PM (1)

This app gives a lot of dud photo combos(or at least ones I don’t like) but is still lots of fun to play with.

Linking to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge here.

12 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio with Stewie

  1. What a lovely looking dog Stewie is. Looks like he had fun & what dog doesn’t enjoy a good sticvk to play with. Here in Tasmania it’s summer but about a week ago there was heavy snow up in the Central Highlands & around the Great Lakes, about an hour’s drive from here & the wind we got was freezing cold. The last 3 days, today included, has been sweltering with temperatures in the 30’s (Celcius) Bring back the snow!!! I’d rather be cold than too hot..


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