Pairs: Photobomb ZIZO

A visit over the weekend to a wonderful wildlife management area at Oak Hammock Marsh…just 30 minutes from where I live. I went hoping to see lots of geese and ducks(on October 22, they counted over 28,000 Canada Geese, 900 Snow Geese and 16,000 ducks). I wasn’t disappointed!!

I was very excited when I saw a type of duck that I had never seen before….which I eventually identified as a Northern Pintail Duck(the brown and white pattern on the neck made identification easy).

The original(ZOOM OUT) shot is here…complete with some blurred grasses in the foreground:

zoom out

You can see that there is a beaver lodge right behind the duck…and I was so disappointed that I didn’t see a beaver…my hubby had spotted one swimming in a different part of the marsh but I didn’t see it.

But…check out the ZOOM IN shot here:

(double-click photo to enlarge)

zoom in

Do you see what I saw?

Yes…that is a beaver munching on something as he/she sits in the doorway to the lodge!! I was so excited when I blew up this photo and realized that a beaver had photobombed my duck shot!

And to think I almost deleted this photo because of the distracting blurred grasses.

Update: it might be a muskrat and a muskrat lodge…but good enough for me!!

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here 

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