One Four Challenge for October Week 1- Parking Garage

Another month for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

For this month I decided to use a photograph I had taken while on the Winnipeg edition of the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk yesterday. You can read more about these walks here. The Winnipeg walk started at The Forks..and went through the Exchange District..and back to the The Forks with about 25 photographers wandering the streets snapping at everything in sight!

While in the Exchange District, I snapped this photo of a cool multilevel car park:

original for blog

The sky is completely washed out..and the grunginess of the old cement is very apparent. But I liked the angles and shapes/forms in the photo so I decided to play with it this month.

For an instant edit, I used Lightroom and applied the “dehaze”(my new favorite slider), and then applied a James Brandon preset. In less than 2 minutes, a completely transformed photo:

garage week 1 lr preset james brandon

Amazing how the sky and clouds reappear, and cement now looks metallic! And it now looks ultramodern…

Linking to One Four Challenge week 1 October here.

14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for October Week 1- Parking Garage

  1. Marsha, this is a great photo! Love the feeling of abstraction with the lines and angles. De haze and your choices have worked a treat this month. I really like the sky against the concrete.
    Gosh the walks sound like a lot of fun 😃


  2. Wow is right, what a difference. I like this angle of the wall of parking. It does make me really want to know more about Photoshop and/or other editing packages.


  3. I like the dehaze effect. I was puzzled about the ‘dehaze’ slider, I use Lightroom a lot. Evidently, the cloud version, presets are available for the installed program version. A slimy move on Adobe’s part.


  4. I have Dehaze as a preset rather than a slider but yes it is now one of my go to options as well, it does all sorts of interesting things. Got lots of opportunities with this image – I didnt go on our photowalk as it was on Sat morning and I have been sick all week with a cold and decided staying in bed in the warm was a better option 🙂


      • I have the perpetual licence and they didnt release the upgrade to us that has the slider, but another company released the functionality as a preset for those of us who aren’t on subscrption.


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