Wild Bird Wednesday and Pairs ZIZO: Ducks on Steroids??

During the summer and fall months, The Forks in Winnipeg is home to lots of birds. There are gulls, mallards, Canada Geese, wood ducks and recently this pair of ducks.

Zoom in:

2 close up

Mid Zoom in:

ducks for fb

Zoom out:

zoom out

I have not been able to identify them…I just know they are HUGE compared to mallards and even seem to be pretty close to the size of a Canada goose. They do have alot of similarities to mallards..and a friend of mine suggested they might be Rouen ducks(a domesticated duck related to the mallard). Or… are these ducks just giant male mallards in the molting/eclipse phase and storing up lots of fat for the migration?? But they look so heavy I don’t know if they could even fly!

One last photo, with what looks like a smaller version in the center of the photo, but is it “just” a male mallard in molting/eclipse phase? It is very similar in size to the female mallard just to the left. I don’t remember seeing any “typical” male mallards in breeding plumage with their distinctive green heads at this visit..which is not surprising given the time of year! Or is it a juvenile of whatever the large ducks are??

babies too

Has anyone ever seen ducks like this?? I am a real novice when it comes to figuring stuff out like this..

I did find this lovely article about mallard plumage: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/metro/urban-jungle/pages/110830.html

And here is a link to a photo and article with a female and a molting/eclipse male mallard: http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/placestovisit/hamwall/b/hamwall-blog/archive/2012/08/02/mallards-females-amp-males-in-eclipse-at-rspb-ham-wall.aspx


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19 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday and Pairs ZIZO: Ducks on Steroids??

    • They have been like this for weeks..I think it is not a health issue(notice the big feet too!)..but is probably because they are a domesticated mallard cross that escaped. But I am concerned about what will happen when all the birds migrate and they can’t…


  1. wow they are big and I agree so hard to identify any of them this time of year as they change plumage and with all the juveniles around – I can’t help on ID either


  2. Great photos and those ducks are certainly very big! Sorry I’m no help with an ID but your ducks and geese all look different from the ones we have down here in the southern hemisphere. Thanks for commenting on my blog.


  3. Thank you for visiting me and the comment on my duck posting. The duck I showed is a farm animal and your ducks looks like my duck in build so I guess is that it is some kind of domesticated duck. The ducks in your picture are quite handsome too but the ordinary ducks are sweet too. I have read somewhere that all the domesticated ducks are descended from the ordinary mallard. All the best from Sweden, Christina


  4. I like your Pairs of mystery ducks. Ducks, that is about as far as I can go with identifying … I really like all the birds in my yard, but most I have no idea as to their species name. We get one bird that for years we called the Goonie Birds, turns out their proper name is European Starlings.


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