Pairs: Bison ZIZO

I finally made it over to FortWhyte Alive! FortWhyte Alive is an environmental, education and recreation center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The large park and recreation facility is located in southwest Winnipeg and has over 640 acres of woodlands and lakes. I live in northeast Winnipeg: it is not very convenient for me to get there(90 minutes by bus plus a 45 minute walk) so I don’t think I have ever visited this place before….but I am certainly going back again, now that I have “discovered” it….

There is actually a herd of bison that live at FortWhyte Alive…so I had to make this herd the subject of my pairs for this week.

Zoom out…..the herd from a distance:

zoom out for blog

I find it so amazing that houses are located so close….can you imagine having a herd of bison to look at from your back deck??

Zoom in… bison and calf:

zoom in for blog

The protective mom seems to be glaring at me and most of the time kept the calf behind her so I couldn’t get too many photos!

Thanks very much to PrairieJill for introducing this fabulous center to me! For more info on the center please check here.

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here 


7 thoughts on “Pairs: Bison ZIZO

  1. Great ZOZI – how wonderful to have such a centre close at hand. In your Z.O. I chuckled at the T-pee in the fore ground and the monster home in the back ground – comparison pair 🙂


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