One Four Challenge for September Week 2- Cormorants

Another month for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

For this month I decided to use a photograph I had taken of some cormorants sitting in a dead tree..with a cormorant flying in to join them.

This week I decided to take advantage of a trial download of the Black and White photography program Silver Efex Pro2 which I installed as an add-on to Photoshop. I went through the 38 presets and liked the effect of the overexposed( EV+1) preset and the high key 2 preset best. I was working with the uncropped original version of my photo and to my surprise I noticed that a few cormorants had been hiding in the colour photo(look hard and you can spot them in the original). Choosing to work with the overexposed preset, I did some fine-tuning of the preset but I don’t remember details(oops again!).

So for week 2 I changed to a more expanded crop than week 1 and got this black and white version. The cormorants are reasonably clear but the bushes at the bottom are a bit fuzzy unfortunately. I am not sure that this composition works..but I wanted to “show off” the extra cormorants and how editing can bring out missed details.

week 2 black and white silver efex pro2 trial for blog

I do like this program but not sure if I want to spend the big bucks for it..$169 Canadian!!! I haven’t done a lot of black and white processing so I think I should probably learn the old-fashioned way(ie Lightroom or Photoshop!)

Gallery of edits so far:

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Linking to One Four Challenge week 2 September here.

19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for September Week 2- Cormorants

  1. Sorry if you get two comments Marsha – my first just disappeared 😐
    I like the treatment you’ve given this – a kind of old feel… and fun that those other cormorants turned up!
    Did you decide on the Nik suite? I have them too and think they’re great, but must confess I don’t use them much these days. They are good value though. Did you trial them all?

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  2. Love that flying Cormorant – it’s so graceful and so good that you found more while trying edits. It’s fun when that happens. Bonus 😃 I like the kind of old fashioned feel you’ve given this.


  3. Hi Marsha – i found the other 3 cormorants. It’s funny how you focus on one side and can easily miss something. Like you when I was looking for Silver Efex thought it was a bit steep but got a surprise when the full kit appeared. It Is a nice program as Stacey said.


  4. I love your week one version and don’t see how you could improve upon it. I, too, would question spending the big bucks for SiverFx Pro2. But now in your comments, I see that the price quoted is for the complete bundle. Still, if you are working with Lightroom and Photoshop, there are so many free downloads you can get. Check out OnOne’s site for some free b & w downloads, for one.


  5. Marsha – the Nik suite is really powerful – to get everything used to cost about $700 and then when Google bought it they dropped it to $149 USD and I snapped it up faster than a fast thing, never regretted it, there are about 7 programs in there offereing lots of options but I confess I use Silver Efex by far and away the most 🙂


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