One Four Challenge for September Week 1- Cormorants

Another month for the One Four Challenge which you can read about it, and join it here. This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

For this month I decided to use a photograph I had taken of some cormorants sitting in a dead tree..with a cormorant flying in to join them. This is the original, which was taken with a tele-zoom at 205 mm:


And this is my Week 1 edit:

File 2015-09-06, 10 27 14 PM

Unfortunately I don’t really remember how I edited this photo since I was just playing around with iPad apps for the purpose of uploading this photo to Instagram…but I believe Distressed Fx, Stackables and Snapseed apps were used. I believe I also had done some basic editing in Lightroom..before transferring the photo to my iPad. Next week I will try to be more careful in recording my editing steps.

My apologies if some people in this challenge have already seen this Week 1 photo on my Instagram page. Next week’s edit will be new!

Linking to One Four Challenge week 1 September here.

12 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for September Week 1- Cormorants

  1. Wow. Terrific edit. The textures are great, but the crop is wonderful. This creates a really fantastic image, highlighting compositional elements more or less ignored in the original. Love the way the birds are looking at each other. An award winning image!


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