NF Catching Light: Lilies

Lilies, growing between wood slats on the trellis of my back deck:

lilies through trellis for blog

Thanks goes to my hubby who told me I should take my camera outside and take a photo….he even pointed out how the light was catching the lilies!

Photo taken with my Sony camera and edited in Lightroom with a Stuck in Customs preset.

Linking to NF Catching Light meme here.

NF Catching Light


11 thoughts on “NF Catching Light: Lilies

  1. Very pretty flower, very pretty light and very pretty picture, Marsha.
    Looks like your hubby also has an eye for light now, thanks to Catching light. 🙂
    Awesome entry for the theme.


  2. Well, you see how you have rubbed off on your husband. Mine will call me outside when he spots something too, but it is usually an animal or bird, nothing quite so artistic as this. Good on him and great shot and editing, Marsha …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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