Pairs: At The Beach

A bit of a risqué pairs this week….

I had just finished taking a photo of a puddle reflection at the beach and looked up from my cell phone camera and noticed from the corner of my eye  2 girls walking away from me. I quickly snapped a photo hoping to get an intentional camera motion blurred photo of them. But I didn’t….the photo was crystal clear(oops…I didn’t mean to be stalking bikini-clad girls!!). When I uploaded the photo to my computer I noticed that I also caught an older gentleman in the photo…and I thought this would be a good pairs photo!!!

I added a few textures/filters to the photo to make the people less identifiable:

beach girls for blog

A few of the pairs I thought of for this photo involved comparing one girl to the other or the girls to the man:

Young vs Old

Male vs Female

Barefoot vs Sandals

Skimpy bathing suit vs Not-so-Skimpy bathing suit

Blonde vs Brunette(or Redhead?)

Walking Towards me vs Walking Away from me

Any others????

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here 


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