Pairs: Juggling

The Fringe Festival always provides tons of photo ops. The other day at the free stage there was a juggler..he said he was a lawyer but he preferred juggling!

His choice of items to juggle gave me my pairs for the week!

Knives(follow his line of vision to see the knife in motion in front of the lamp-post!):

knives for blog

Clubs:clubs for blog

Linking to Helena’s “Pairs” meme here 


8 thoughts on “Pairs: Juggling

  1. A juggler was on last summer’s scavenger hunt, and I had to talk a friend into juggling for me. I would have loved to have seen this man!


  2. Great shots! I love the way the objects he’s juggling are so clear.
    (I saw a guy juggling flaming things there today! That was scary, too. Especially when he dropped them.)


  3. Well captured photos and I love the captive audience. Did you find a juggler as easily last year? Look forward to seeing your dragonfly pictures. I attempted to take some and failed !


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