NF Catching Light: Silhouettes at the Zoo

Silhouettes caught against the bright polar bear exhibit. No bears in sight…they were all hiding in their cool dens to avoid the hot humid Winnipeg day:

silhouettes at zoo for blog


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NF Catching Light


9 thoughts on “NF Catching Light: Silhouettes at the Zoo

  1. You caught some great light there. Nice picture, Marsha. Those clean silhouettes seem to compliment the light. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Great picture, Marsha and I have to agree with Stewie … walking is a good thing. I am doing more and more of it and Izzi is finally starting to be able to do more. I am looking into PT for her to strengthen her muscles and her joint so we can go back to what seems like a long lost life of agility and play. The downside is that PT is very expensive and who can afford it … but then can I afford not to … eek., life is so full of conundrums. Back to you … your silhouettes are the perfect stop action picture of life as it goes on. Love it!

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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