One Four Challenge for July: Riverwalk week 2

The One Four Challenge(you can read about it, and join it here). This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

For July, I chose another photo involving 2 people…out for a romantic walk along the riverwalk at The Forks in Winnipeg. I was playing with my new camera(Sony a6000) with a 55-210 mm lens and as soon as I saw them coming around the bend I knew I needed a photo.

There was a comment from last week by lensaddiction that said she liked the metal building which I had cropped out of the original photo…so I followed her instincts and decided to work with the original photo with the building still in it!

I sent the original uncropped photo to my iPad and played around with the Stuck in Customs app “100 Cameras” and liked an effect called “The Future of Us”. However, I wanted a bit more colour so I added an additional layer called “Inferno” in the Stackables app. I sent this multi-layered edit back to my computer for some PSE/PS editing.  I used the clone stamp to remove a distracting tree branch in the background and also a bright spot right near the lady and her hat. I tweaked the hue a bit and came up with this edit for week 2. To me it looks like a vintage oil painting, still soft and romantic with lovely lighting on the river:

for week 2_edited-1


A gallery so you can compare the 3 versions so far:

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Linking to One Four Challenge week 2 July here

17 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for July: Riverwalk week 2

  1. I have to agree with lensaddiction and happy you followed her advice. The tighter crop of week one felt almost intrusive. And I love that dreamy effect for this week! But it is your image. Lensaddiction seems to be getting a bit bossy! 😉 Great job both of you!


  2. YES! I like this and your treatment blurs the industrial look of the building nicely, it looks like a boat shed or something similar and balances out the image nicely 🙂

    Personally I would crop the bottom and remove that dark line of shadow off the path and if you have the ability to tone down that very bright white section on the lady’s clothing a tad and then it would be perfect 🙂


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