One Four Challenge for July: Riverwalk week 1

The One Four Challenge(you can read about it, and join it here). This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

For July, I chose another photo involving 2 people…out for a romantic walk along the riverwalk at The Forks in Winnipeg. I was playing with my new camera(Sony a6000) with a 55-210 mm lens and as soon as I saw them coming around the bend I knew I needed a photo.

This is the original photo:

riverwalk original for blog

I think this photo has lots of potential. For week 1 I just had a few minutes to play with it. I knew I would want to crop out the metal structure on the opposite side of the river and then I simply applied a Lindsay Adler LR preset called Faded Embrace:

faded embrace LR preset Lindsay adler for blog

I want to play with a bit of sharpening for next week’s edit and to do this I might download a free trial of one of the Topaz sharpening programs.

Linking to One Four Challenge week 1 July here

15 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for July: Riverwalk week 1

  1. It’s fairly blurry, applying sharpening isn’t likely to improve that by much unfortunately. I liked the structure in the background on the left hand side


  2. Great photo! I can just feel the romantic edits coming our way. I really like your crop and The Lindsey Adler preset! They do seem a somewhat mismatched couple – but you know the saying…


  3. You have such a good eye Marsha – I do enjoy your people photos and this is another one I’m going to enjoy for the month.
    Lovely subject composition and preset. Very nice!


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