One Four Challenge for June: Picnic Table week 3

The One Four Challenge(you can read about it, and join it here). This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

And I am late…again…

For June, I chose a photo I took recently….a picnic table by the river at sunset, with 2 people sitting at it. Both sat there for a while, each playing with their cell phones..then jumped onto their bikes and rode away! I am not sure they even noticed the sunset.

For week 3 I wanted to try brightening the photo and remove shadow. I tried PSE and PS but the results were pretty washed out looking and went back to my iPad. I tried various filter effects in iColorama, and I liked a sepia effect in screen blend mode although it didn’t look like sepia at all to me! I realized that I really was trying to make the photo into a watercolour so I transferred the “sepia” version to my computer and used Topaz Impressions. The effect I liked best was Degas Dancers BUT the overblown highlights in the water from the sunset on the right was just too much…so I was ruthless and cropped it out! And I know that the Degas Dancers would be an oil painting, not a watercolour…but I liked it better than the watercolour effect I thought I was trying to achieve! Got to be flexible, right??

So this is week 3: Cropped Degas Dancers

week 3 icolorama sepia degas topaz cropped for week 3

Now I have a soft, bright and painterly though slightly blurry “photo”.

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14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for June: Picnic Table week 3

  1. I actually really like this edit of yours the best so far. There is something soft and almost ethereal about the photo. I still can’t believe they are both on their phones not talking to each other or looking at the beauty around them, but it makes for a great capture. The lighting in this one is beautiful.


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