Weekend Reflections: Accidental Selfie

I was reaching up with my cell phone to take a detail shot of some architectural columns but landed up with this selfie shot instead…reflected in the main floor windows of the building!! I guess I need to learn angle of view better:

me at window

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections: Accidental Selfie

  1. love it – I’m finding that I can’t see the screen to tell what I’m taking at the moment due to sun and wearing shades so plenty of surprise shots


  2. Ever since I discovered that you are a photographer I have developed a new time consuming hobby. I have only 2 photos so far for the scavenger hunt and I cheated. A few years ago and turtle walked across the lawn at our cottage. That is the only turtle I have seen for many years so I am counting it. What I am doing is copying your ideas. So far, I have photographed “Pairs”. I have In and Out (2 wrens, one in birdhouse the other on top of birdhouse. I have Open and Closed (A bud and flower on same stem, also a closed Peony bud and open Peony. So much fun – so much time. Besides photographing of course I have to edit. Thank you for inspiring me. Carol Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 15:08:52 +0000


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