Weekend Reflections: Houses

Reflections of houses in a retention pond in a new housing development:

houses for blog

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections: Houses

  1. I’m so glad I signed up to get your emails. I particularly like the tulips – what a great shot. I also like the idea of a morning/evening shot in the same place. I probably will try that at the lake. I found out why Photoshop and a couple of other editing programs don’t work. My computer crapped out last night completely. Ron says it’s the video card. A new one would have to be ordered from the States – mine is obsolete – that’s how old my computer is. He put in a temporary one but I don’t know if it has enough memory for my programs. I guess a new computer is the next step – no sense fixing a pretty old one. Keep taking pictures and posting them – I look forward to seeing what you are doing next. I have always loved photography but I’m sure not in your league. Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 15:03:51 +0000


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