One Four Challenge for June: Picnic Table

The One Four Challenge(you can read about it, and join it here). This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

And I am late…again…

For June, I chose a photo I took recently….a picnic table by the river at sunset, with 2 people sitting at it. Both sat there for a while, each playing with their cell phones..then jumped onto their bikes and rode away! I am not sure they even noticed the sunset.

This is the original:

original small for blog

This week’s edit involved flipping back and forth between my computer and my iPad.

The first steps I took were to crop and auto enhance it and then I applied the Happiness formula from Stackables app. The photo looked nice on my iPad but when I transferred it to my computer it looked horrible(lots of greys and blues in the grass and trees). But not one to give up, I thought I would try to salvage the edit by layering the Happiness edit with the original photo.  So back to the iPad and Superimpose app! I layered the Happiness edit over my original photo and used the darken blend mode at about 70% opacity. Back to my computer and I did a few final touch-ups in Photoshop Elements(saturation and hue). So the merged photo is week 1’s edit:

happiness stackables merged with original less saturation for blog

I am not completely happy with the green in the foreground or the heavy texture on the far right  Not much that can be done about the latter since the photo was completely blown-out there(hmm…maybe a tighter crop would solve that issue!). But I do really like the muted colours and textures in the rest of the photo especially the leaves on the main tree.

Linking to One Four Challenge week 1 June here


10 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for June: Picnic Table

  1. This looks like a challenging edit as most of the detail you want to extract are in the shadows and the highlights have been blown. Your first edit is a good attempt and I am interested to see how much you can improve it.


  2. Marsha, I’m viewing on an iPad, so it looks good from here – will pop back for another look on a screen later on.
    I love this image, but what a contradiction! The couple seem to be enjoying the view and the place. Nope! Im so glad you captured this.
    Looking forward to a real look. Really like it so far. It has a soft painterly feel. Nice!


  3. Scrolling down as I was looking at your edit, the crop of just the tree and the water caught my eye. Without the picnic table in it, it flows well and the blown out part of the water is lessened significantly. Just a thought for an idea of a tighter crop.
    The color hues are beautiful, a lovely image to explore this month. It almost looks like the girl is waiting for the boy to respond to him with huge amounts of anticipation…which tells a nice intriguing story.

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