NF Digital Abstract: Water

I was watching a video about capturing miniatures landscapes the other day, and there was a section about photographing flowing water. So I walked over to Bunn’s Creek Park and looked for a certain spot in the creek….where there were rocks creating a lovely babbling brook. I used a 1/8 sec exposure, in an attempt to smooth out the water flow, but landed up with a very Jackson Pollock-looking abstract instead:ripples cropped

I don’t know about you, but I see lots of weird critters and funny faces in this photograph!

Linking to NF Abstract/NF Digital Art here.

6 thoughts on “NF Digital Abstract: Water

  1. Prolific is the word … loaded, as you said, with imaginary stuff. I love a picture like this. It changes every time I glance at it. I wonder what a little color would bring out … Fun stuff, Marsha.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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