Silly Goose and Hooded Mergansers

I spent about 30 minutes yesterday watching 2 Canada Geese being silly, completely submerging themselves under water and then rolling about on their backs… but presumably trying to dislodge something on their feathers. It might be something like sticky poplar seeds….Stewie finds these seeds very annoying too when they get on his paws.

I managed to get a video of one goose just emerging after being completely underwater:

And a photo of one goose completely upside down on the water:

silly goose


I love having these geese nearby so I can watch them and photograph them…

And as a bonus, for the first time, some ducks other than mallards or wood ducks(not that I don’t love these ducks!!!) are hopefully setting up shop too. Hooded Mergansers:

hooded mergansers-1

I love that not only the male is a pretty bird, but the fluffy hood on the female makes it lovely too. According to a bird field guide that I have, hooded mergansers are 1 of Manitoba’s most sought-after ducks to photograph. Yeah!!!!

Definitely need to go back to get more pictures of these 2 birds….I really really hope they are not just passing through on their migration…

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