Black and White NF Catching Light: Jogger

Stewie and I were in Bunn’s Creek Park the other day when I spied a jogger coming towards us. I knew I shouldn’t try to get a photo of her as she approached but I did manage to turn around and snap a photo of her after she had jogged past and rounded a corner in the path. The path lead to an open area in the park so there was lots of sun which made for a good photo for the Catching Light meme. Normally I would keep a Catching Light photo in colour, but I really liked the look of black and white and realized it would be a good photo for Weekend in Black and White too:
jogger1 for blog

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17 thoughts on “Black and White NF Catching Light: Jogger

  1. I have to agree, the black and white is excellent. I love that you caught her with both feet off the ground. It accentuates the action without a motion blur … this is a very cool picture and the light plays perfectly into it. I also like your new header … now don’t tell me it’s been up there for weeks and I just haven’t noticed it. I sometimes have my head in the ground … hmmm. Izzi tore her ACL and is out of commision for at least 6 weeks … she is not a happy camper. Nor am I .. she is my partner in keeping fit 😦 Hello to Stewie from Izzi.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. I’m sure this makes a better shot. I think that was a good decision to photograph her back. And the light works so well with the subject.
    A very nice picture. 🙂


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