NF Catching Light: Walkway

Oops…I missed the optional meme this week about taking shots from different angles to see how the light changes…maybe next week!!

For this week I chose a photograph taken by one of my parents 45 years ago, originally as a 35mm slide. The photo is of my 2 sisters and 2 of my cousins from Toronto and was taken at the Toronto Science Center. I had the slide scanned and copied to a disc and present it here unmodified.

There is so much about the photo that I like: the light, the colours, the stances, the clothes!! It was definitely the light that originally caught my eye:

toronto tunnel for blog

Linking to NF Catching Light meme here.

NF Catching Light



9 thoughts on “NF Catching Light: Walkway

  1. Hi Andrea…It is a perfect photo isn’t it!!
    I think I may have been in Florida with my mom(she was taking summer school and I got to the spend the summer in Florida!!!)….and if that is the case then this photo must have been taken by my father! But I am unsure of the exact date…so this is just a guess…


  2. The light and the shadows. The colors and the perspective … this is a picture of perfection. There isn’t anything you could do to it that would make it any better than it already is … a work of art. I love this, Marsha (and where were you when this picture was taken?).

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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