Liberate Your Art 2015

Kat Sloma held her 5th year of Liberate Your Art recently. Her slogan for this postcard swap is: “The world needs more art. The world needs your art.” To find out more about this swap please check here. Thanks Kat(and her volunteers) for organizing and doing the actual swap of the cards…..

This was my second year participating in the swap. I decided to use my crow photo and added some textures and light filters to come up with this design(on top) which I sent to for printing of 10 cards. However…I thought that the wing tips might get cut off during printing so I made another version(on bottom) and sent it to too for 10 more cards. As it turned out, both sets of cards worked okay!!

Photo 2015-01-12, 10 55 45 PM

crow for blog post

So, I got 20 cards in total from…but I only needed 6 to send to Kat for the swap. I sent 3 cards to friends whom I thought would like them(ikibana_banana,  I hope you got yours!). I also posted both versions on the Facebook group page and other participants in the swap wanted to do some extra swaps with me…so 7 more of my cards got sent off. So that means I have 4 cards left(more on that later)!!!

I have received all 7 extra postcard swaps, all 5 of the “regular” swap cards plus 1 from Kat. Since most of the cards had outdoor themes, I took the photos outdoors on my windowsill with a lovely(blurry) reflection of my elm tree in the window.

the 7 extra swap cards:

(click on the photo to enlarge for a better view)

Photo 2015-04-15, 4 49 57 PM

The 7 cards from left to right are from: Sherry Harmes, Janice Darby, Snap Lane, Sarah Calhoun, Amy Irwen, Terry Owenby, and Lynne Foerster.  Lovely birds, beautiful landscapes, colorful flowers and an angel!! Thanks alot..I enjoyed swapping with you.

The 5 cards for the swap plus Kat’s card:

(click on the photo to enlarge for a better view)

Photo 2015-04-15, 4 49 04 PM

The 6 cards from left to right are from: Kat(sorry your card is upside down!), Sheila Delgado, Julia from Oregon, Linda Richards, Delphine Skinner and Mary Grellner. Beautiful landscapes and trees, an abstract and some lovely textured wood/metal! Thanks for participating in the 2015 swap and I hope you all got great cards too!

A great swap…but it is not over yet. If anyone would like 1 of my 4 extra cards let me know in the comments with a way to contact you. If there are more than 4 takers, I will do a random drawing(Stewie will supervise to make sure it is fair!). Even if you have nothing to swap in return please feel free to ask for 1 of mine!!

UPDATE on Sunday April 19th: all 4 crow cards have been spoken for! Thanks!!!!

See you next year for Liberate Your Art 2016. Maybe you will join in too.

Be sure to check out all the blog participants by following the link button below.


24 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art 2015

  1. Thank you so much! I received your beautiful crow a couple of weeks ago and have been too exhausted/busy/maybe-a-little-lazy. I so appreciate your willingness to swap with me. I’ll be blogging about the extra cards soon, so look for it…Have a great week!

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  2. This was my 1st year, and I am hooked. I love seeing everyone’s prizes–thanks for sharing! Lovely work–congratulations.


  3. Hi Marsha. Great post! This was my first year to do the side swapping. I only had five extra but next year, I’ll be prepared with more cards. I really like both versions of your crow and wonderful that the first version survived the printing “safe zones.”


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