WAG: Arctic Adaptations and The Jets!

Last Saturday afternoon, I had some time to kill in downtown Winnipeg(prior to the Jets final hockey game of the regular season….no I didn’t go to the game…I just hoped that I could get some good fan photos). So, I wandered into the Winnipeg Art Gallery to stroll the galleries, taking advantage of my yearly membership. Their current special exhibit is called Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15. The exhibit features interactive architecture models, photography, and topographical maps of the 25 communities of Nunavut. You can read more about it and see more photos here.

I loved that light played a major role in this exhibit….catching light, blurring light and reflected light. The photos below show just one part of the exhibit.

The well-lit exhibit:

not blurred 1

Slow shutter photo of the exhibit:

ctaching light and nf digital

Reflections of the wall exhibit…on the floor:

ctaching light and nf digital wall reflection

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NF Catching Light

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387e2-img_06242bcopy1And I almost forgot: GO JETS GO.

14 thoughts on “WAG: Arctic Adaptations and The Jets!

  1. Quite a sophisticated art exhibit. Lucky to find some light-related exhibit there, eh. 🙂
    Nice catch, Marsha. I hope we’ll get to see some more exhibits in the weeks to come.


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