One Four Challenge for March Week 2: At The Forks

Back again for Month 5 of the One Four Challenge after missing month 4…though I almost forgot about it…March came up SO fast!!

And wow again…it is already post time for week 2!!! I got a few suggestions based on Week 1 to try a ND filter to bring back some sky detail. I attempted it in Lightroom or Photoshop(or both?) but didn’t have the time to get it worked out(I have no idea where the time went…I really haven’t been doing anything!).

So I took a quick and easy way out for this week and used an iPad app after I did some cropping to remove most of the foreground snow and ice. I used Stackables app(Orange Day formula). The treatment is a bit heavy-handed but overall I like the effect of ย the textures and light layers.ย The rusty vignette is too strong but it I think the photo resembles a vintage postcard now:

ipad app for week 2

I think that next week I will do a heavy crop and get rid of most of the sky. Or make another attempt at the ND filter(maybe there is an app for that too!!!)

The gallery shows the original, week 1 and week 2:

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18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge for March Week 2: At The Forks

  1. I like the crop of this photo. It brought out the people and the bridge in the background which has some cool arches. It has a nice vintage feel to it too.


  2. Vintage feel is so right for this image. Great idea. I like the crop and the sky looks in line with the image feel. For me, the key to the ND Filter in LR was to realize I needed to make all the settings at zero, they tend to stay where you last left them. So, I place the filter (you can move it after and see if you like the effect somewhere else) and pull down, then zero everything. Then I start playing with exposure and highlights, contrast is effective too. See what comes out, it is amazing what you can recover or enhance with this tool.
    I really like your edit this week, wintery, vintage, warm, all great!

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      • Sounds good. I think at first I felt like either it wasn’t doing anything or it turned my image crazy looking! But, I finally realized that starting at zero for all settings in the right hand panel and moving out in either direction with each setting from there, helped a lot. I will also say if a sky is blown out, try lowering the exposure of the ND filter, it helps a lot. Have fun experimenting ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. The treatment is a nice vintage look, and the crop is a vast improvement, it makes it about the skaters and the sky ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need help with the ND filter Im happy to help via email.

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  4. Interesting vintage look in this edit, Marsha. With the sky, I think you original had a few dark clouds which had some interest… You said you had trouble bringing that back in your edit… Can you do a swap with a moody sky from another photo? Otherwise, may be crop some of the plain sky out to reduce the ’empty’ space?

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