onephotofocus for March

I came across an interesting photo challenge through blogs involved in the One Four Challenge and joined up. You can read about it here. Basically, Stacy at sends everyone who signs up for the challenge the same photo and everyone edits it however they wish. Hence the name of the challenge: OnePhotoFocus!

The March photo that Stacy sent us was originally taken by Loré Dombaj:


I noticed that there were lots of distractions in the background which could lead to endless editing grief. Luckily, I was really drawn to the face of the statue so the first edit I did was to do a severe crop to focus on the face(and thus eliminating any background distraction). I then took the cropped photo into Oggl and played with various combinations of lens and filters. I liked the effect with the Colaba pak……it gave a nice vintage look. My next step was with the app Scratchcam adding more filters, grain and scratches, to further age the photo. I liked it at this stage so I decided it was done:

oggl small crop plus scratch cam

I am very curious as to what the other participants did..but I won’t know till this post is published and linked to Stacy’s post…so we will all be surprised at the same time! Check out the results here.

If you want to check out any of the apps or photo-editing programs a Google search should lead you right to them.

16 thoughts on “onephotofocus for March

  1. Brilliant, Marsha!! All of us wanted to bring focus to the cherub’s face, but you were inspired to crop out everything to do so! Love it, and love the post-processing choices you made. Well done 🙂


  2. I WISH I HAD CROPPED MORE!!! Love the very focussed crop here and your process was lovely, its a nice job:) So many different variations!


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